Grape Seed Hair Oil: What Is It and How to Use It?

Grape seed oi is a remedy for damaged, high porosity hair. If you often colour-treat your hair or bleach your strands - after some time, they can become dry, lose resilience and brilliance. High porosity hair can be very brittle and fragile. It must be constantly strengthen and protected (especially during blow-drying or exposing it to the effects of unfavourable weather conditions). Therefore, natural beauty oils offer the best hair regeneration and nourishment boost. In this case, especially recommended is oil extracted from grape seeds

How Does Grape Seed Oil Affect Hair?

It is the source of essential fatty acids. Polyunsaturated oil of omega - 6 (linoleic acid) dominates in it. This acid has large molecules and belongs to the group of non-penetrating oils. This is why it perfectly fits into scales that are open wide on the surface of high porosity hair.

Additionally, grape seed oil contains high concentration of a valuable vitamin. It is vitamin K, responsible for maintaining hair in a good condition and its strengthening the strands. Without it, hair would become weak and strat falling out. It perfectly cares for both hair bulbs and scalp.

What is more, grape seed oil is also a source of vitamin E, which is often called as the vitamin of youth. It is a strong antioxidant, fights off free radicals and helps nutrients penetrate into skin cells. Thanks to this, it improves hair follicles and makes wisps grow faster.

Moreover, grape seed oil does not weigh hair down. It is rather a delicate substance that smooths wisps out by creating a protecting coat on their surface.

How to Nourish Hair With Grape Seed Oil?

With the use of grape seed oil, you can easily perform hair oil treatment. It is a very simple procedure, all you have to do is to apply oil on your hair and scalp. Additionally, put on a plastic shower cap - thanks to this, oil will have warm environment and in consequence, it will bring out better results. You might as well wrap everything in a towel. After a desired period of time, wash it off with a gentle shampoo. However, best results will be achieved if you leave oil on hair overnight. If for some reasons, you cannot do that, remember that every hour counts (even one). In addition, make sure that your shampoo is free of SLS and SLES. Furthermore, grape seed oil can be applied only in hair ends - used as a leave-in serum. This way you will provide your strands with a daily protection and enhance their beautiful appearance.

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